Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Single in the City II


Name: Ginger Ann Clark (aka GAC, Ginge, GA)
Hometown: Birmingham, AL
Current City: Atlanta, Georgia
Occupation: Sales & Marketing, Bennett Street Gallery

How I Describe My Style: Extremely eclectic. I only have 2 truly new pieces of furniture, my bed and a bathroom cabinet. Everything else was handed down, or bought at a flea market or garage sale.

Favorite Stores in ATL: Being new to the city, I have relied on some neighborhood favorites, Authentique where I got the stools in my kitchen, and City Issue, an awesome mid-century modern store where I got my dining table. And Bennett Street Gallery for art ;)

What's in my Closet: Other than a big mess? I save a lot of old things because it all comes back in style eventually. I have a pair of gladiator sandals that I got for my 13th b'day. Those suckers have resurfaced for 3 different fashion phases! Its fun to mix and match old with new to reinvent your wardrobe and to save money!

Three things I can't live without: Down pillows, good music, and the pier at my grandparents' house on the Mississippi Gulf Coast
Ginger Ann was my very first friend in DC. I will never forget the day she called me and invited me to go shopping in Georgetown with her. Thank the Lord she did - we were fast friends! One of my most fave memories with GA was during the blizzard of '03 (I think) in Washington. Ginge's heat went out, so she packed up and came to stay with me. We got dressed in our cutest snow garb and walked up the hill to Whole Foods, where we ran into EVERY one we knew and were invited to literally - five different snow-day parties. We were offered chili and white russians at one, beer pong and burgers at another, and the list goes on. You think we missed one party? 'Course not! Don't ask what time we got back home. :)
Ginge is one of my friends who has an impeccable, unique taste of her own. She's eclectic, funky, and always looks incredible. She's the girl that looks amazing even when she's not trying. The guys go crazy over this gal. Lucky to know you, Ginge!!! Feast your eyes on this singleton's digs below.....

Happy Hump Day to All! MLM.

Monday, January 25, 2010

'Round Town

I have two new clients that are keeping me busy, busy! Both very different from the other, I am excited as always to extend myself and have a little fun. I am doing something I always thought would be fun but haven't yet done - a masculine, "bachelor-pad" for a single guy here in Austin. This project is going at lightning speed so I have been moving fast and shopping all around town. Thought I might share with you a few digs I've discovered in the last few weeks at some of my favorite vintage spots.

At Uptown Modern on Burnet Road, I was thrilled to find this sofa because it totally reminded me of a Domino cover that I saved because I loved the sofa. (this one not for any particular project, but because I loved it).
This one definitely needs to be recovered, but was long, fabulous, and $695. Yes, please! (even my husband liked it!)
Here's the cover...
These photos were taken in the David Sutherland showroom but totally scream my theme for the Bachelor pad - what I describe as contemporary meets Ralph Lauren-ish.

Found this little guy at Uptown Modern as well for $500. It was sold, though. :(
These lamps were at a Christ Child Thrift store for $69 each by Ralph Lauren. They are now in my home waiting to be installed in bachelor-ville. (didn't bring the shades home). The bases are leather and chrome.

Stay tuned for bach pad install photos, coming soon....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Single in the City - Vol I

(Image from Themes Heaven)

Today I start the first of a few entries that I think you'll enjoy - the "Single in the City" series. As I have mentioned many times before in this blog, I am grateful to have some of the most beautiful, funny, stylish, and savvy girlfriends! It's so interesting to disect the home of a single gal, specifically because it speaks to them and only them, meaning it hasn't (yet) been diluted by the likes of dude. As the married ladies know, there is always the moment before you move in with the guy where you determine what remnants of his bachelor-hood are allowed to enter your new home. (Unless you're me, of course, and it all goes on Craig's List ASAP). The most interesting thing to me, and the reason I think it's fun to showcase these digs is how much they truly do reflect the girl who calls it home - in terms of personality, the way she dresses, even where she likes to shop. It's what I am calling my own little study in Psychy-science. :) Enjoy!

Meet Dougie...

Name: Dougie Simmons

City: Dallas, Texas

Occupation: Head Scheduler for Senator & Gubernatorial candidate for Texas, KBH

Describe your style: "Traditional with a twist!"

What I might find in your closet: "Lots of black, colorful cashmere sweaters, Cole Haan and Prada flats"

I am not dressed until: "I have on a funky necklace, usually large in scale!"

Favorite home shop in Dallas: "Stella Dallas- it's where I got the monogrammed pillow on my sofa."

If I had to describe Dougie in 3 words I would say: Crazy, outgoing, and colorful. Throughout the years I have shared more laughs with this lady than almost anyone! I think you'll find that her apartment in Dallas exudes this wildly fun personality.

Until next time....

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I was recently telling a friend about the little (NOT SO) friendly surprise we found on our front door step a few months ago. What a way to start your day. I emailed the photos to my friend Alfonso who said, "oooh, is it enough to make a belt?" I honestly cannot think of ANY good these guys do other than make people faint, hyperventilate, or run for their life. Personally, I would rather faint over a fine piece of furniture made of reptile-skin, or a great pair of snake-skin BOOTS. The real thing better stay far, far away from me. End table here by Bourgeouis Boheme.
Rad crocodile lacquer chinese table from 1st Dibs.

Serpent mirror from Habite....

And here, a similar Serpent mirror installed in a friend's Birmingham home.

Gold python bag by Asha. (evidence snakes ARE good for something!)
A Hematite and turqoise bracelet by Kara Ross for Vivre. Hellooooo 30th birthday gift.
Anyone? Anyone?

A bejeweled snake ring at Sarlo on 1st Dibs.

Lizard belt by Kelly Locke.
and groovy snake-y earrings also by Kara Ross.

Thank you, reptiles for redeeming yourself. Happy Hump Day to All!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year! I just returned from a 3-week vacation to Atlanta, Decatur AL, and Park City, Utah. A few photos of the absolutely beautiful, snow-covered mountains from our view atop the mountain....
Below my father-in-law Dr. McBrearty (Mookster as his boys call him), myself, Lee, Sean McB, and Colin McB. At one point Colin told Mookle that if he didn't hurry up his clothes would go out of style. YES! He was actually the easiest person to find on the mountain. I say keep 'em, circa '70 or not.

I was FA-REEZING in all of these photos. You could only have an inch of flesh exposed long enough to smile for a photo, then UP goes the turtle and on with the goggles.

I began thinking and boring Lee with questions on the lift every time: "What kind of mountain house would you like?" He loves my hypothetical games. I think I would call on one of two of my favorite architects - either Bill Ingram (Birmingham) or Bobby McAlpine (of Montgomery/Nashville). Here, a few from McAlpine's portfolio that I love....

House of Ingram's...

Even my nearby Lake Austin Spa seems to nail it. What are we waiting on??
If you prefer Icy-chic (which I do not - only to check it out and then leave!), then perhaps you should stay here at the Jukkasjarvi ICE hotel in Sweden.

But the images below are more hot-chocolate and card-playing friendly if you ask me.

Happy New Year from Haute Happy Style