Thursday, April 23, 2009

This One's for Murray

I have neglected my poor little blog as of late (as my friend Murray reminded me via email this morning). I am thrilled to share that I have a new, wonderful project in sunny San Diego that has required every spare second of my time since the beginning of April. The last few weeks sort of went down as follows:

6 am flight to San Diego, California. This was my first time to SD and I was so pleasantly surprised. The first trip to see the house was quite a whirlwind, but when I go back next week I plan to do a bit more exploring. San Diego is beautiful!!

Mountainous, beach-y, etc. As one might imagine. I sure can't complain about having to "work" here!
On the way to lunch...

When I got back to Austin, it was the Thursday before Easter, and Lee's Mom, Dad, sister, and brother came out to ATX to spend the weekend with us. We had a great time, ate WAY too much, and spent one early evening out at the Oasis for cocktails at sunset.

Can you believe what you are seeing is in TEXAS? Again, totally feels European.

Lee's brother Colin, Lee, his Mom, Heather, and I...

The second everyone left I knew I had to get down to business. I spent two days drawing the house in AutoCAD. (took almost every bit of that!). 2 days later, I jumped in the car for the big D. I hit up showroom after showroom for fabrics, as well as some of the many beautiful antique stores in the design district. I rendezvous'd with my good friends Katy, Ellen, and Amanda to hear the latest of their lives working for the Superbowl Dallas (Katy), wrapping up a masters degree at SMU (Ellen), and the new job working at the Bush Library (Amanda). Never a dull moment with these smart ladies!

I loved Ceylon et Cie (image below). Fun, Fun! I know they have their goods on

This is my method of digital "note taking"...

Dougie told me to check out Stella Dallas. Very cute, and quite similar to PIECES in Atlanta.

These digs were a bit funky for the Spanish/Mediterranean house at hand, but it was lots of fun nonetheless!

LOOOOOOOOOVED this store near SMU, Vintage Living. I want everything IN IT! Please let's get out of b-school, PLEASE!!
Still, always on the lookout for the trips!
When I returned from Dallas and back home to my "office", you will see what happened next:
DISASTER!!!Two of my new clients: they look very demanding, don't they?
Gotta run, will write more soon, I promise!