Monday, October 26, 2009

Chargers v Broncos and Phase 2!

I just returned last week from a FUN, FUN trip to San Diego. This time, I wasn't really working! My sister, Emily met me in the San Diego airport (she flew from Atlanta), and our friend Kristin came from Alabama with her precious 7 month old baby boy. On Saturday night we attended a fundraiser for Huntington's Disease, where we sat at the Quarterback's table (our friend,
Philip Rivers), and also with Shawn Merriman. (see in photo below). To add to the humor, see the latest on Merriman here. Never a dull moment! We shared many laughs during dinner - especially when Merriman informed Emily that something was in her teeth. YES!!!

The QB with his cute wife.

During the course of dinner we also learned of Merriman's light-switch tattoo, which he "flicks" on and off during his celebration dance. (his dance he describes as "spazmodic").

Terrible photo, but here Philip answers questions from the audience. When asked how he balances his large family and being an NFL quarterback he answered that he has always prioritized his life with 3 F's - he puts his Faith first, then his family, then football. I am glad to know a guy like this!
Emily's attempt to get Merriman to demonstrate the spazmodic. No luck, perhaps he was trying to be on best behavior???

Game Day - Monday night Football! Kristin, Tiffany, and Emily.

Baby Afton's first NFL football game - what a way to go!

While in San Diego, I implemented "Phase 2". Below are a few items installed during my trip:
Painting by artist Ryan Cobourn..

Dubois - painting from Susquehanna Antiques in DC.

Venice side table by Hickory Chair. This guy is getting a little sheer, sexy number to go over it for the Master Bedroom. :)

Pair of Gilt brass benches - France, ca 1900.

Set of 12 majolica plates

Pair of French paintings, coastal scenes from Paul Marra Antiques in LA.

And lastly, an 18th century Venetian painted and gilded bench from Empire Antiques in New Orleans.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

TV hasn't seen fashion this high since Desperate Housewives of Atlanta. (SIKE!)
As I recently told my husband, half of why I watch the show Gossip Girl is just to see what everyone is wearing! Let's meet the cast: First, my fave, Serena (S). She's cool, love her long locks, and generally like how she dresses. She is usually a bit more edgy and wearable.

Next, meet Blair. (B). She is typically uber-preppy but I still enjoy it. Her attitude however, drives me BONKERS. I think the girl probably even SLEEPS in a headband. She is always put-together, head to toe.

On the left, Lily Bass. Elegant, classic style - very Caroline Kennedy. Below is Jenny - she is a little fashion student who wears too much eye make-up in my opinion but her wardrobe always seems inventive, edgy, and the most challenging.

Then we have Chuck Bass. Ascot and all, this guy is
"mature" beyond his years. He talks in a whisper and almost always has a liquor drink, straight up in his hand. Yes, he is 17. In fact, his wardrobe might be one of the most expensive every week.

Nate Archibald.....

DAN: Brooklyn-casual. HOT.
Lucky for us all, Anna Sui has designed a "Gossip-Girl" inspired line for Target.....

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Client

So I have a new client, here are the stats:
Name: Emily Leach
Age: 26
Occupation: O.R. nurse
Location: Atlanta, GA
Marital status: single. white. female.
Meet my sister. I believe Emily has moved about 5 or 6 times within the city of Atlanta since graduating from college. She claims that if you want to get married, you should be her roommate, because one after the other, the roomies peace out for a fella. So, in Emily's defense, I can understand why her apartment needs help, because she is always moving around and has yet to really feel at home anywhere. Lucky for her, I am about to change that :) Emily always looks adorable - she has a great sense for fashion and dressing (notice above she is wearing a MERE bag!) - I think her friends would agree. Her home on the other hand needs some work! She is totally crazy, always a drama queen, loves color, likes to laugh, and have a great time. The following images are now in my client file labeled "Emily"...I think these reflect a personality like hers... This bedroom is adorable - by Mary McDonald...

Does this girl look like someone who needs a boring bedroom?? I don't think so.
Another amazing boudoir by Mary McDonald..

And another one....

The following photos are all from designer Palmer Weiss's portfolio, which I think sort of nail the idea I am presenting to Em. Contemporary, yet classic. Glamorous and sophisticated!

Now, as you have now seen the "idea", you have to understand that 1: this is a rented apartment (read: not good architecture or windows), and 2: she is 26, and therefore the budget, while is in my opinion generous enough to make a difference - is, at the end of the day, that of a 26 year old's! We will tackle in phases. Stage 1 will occur mid-November. I cannot show you items that have been purchased thus far, or what the plan is, because I want to surprise her while she's at work one day. (and she reads this blog). Sorry - stay tuned!