Monday, August 17, 2009

Loco Grande!

Last Friday was our very first time to hang out on a real Texas RANCH! Our friends Susan and Scott invited us to spend the weekend out in Johnson City, Texas at Susan's childhood home with...the triplets! I definitely thought several times over the course of the weekend how much those children will love going out there when they get a little bit older - it is beautiful and there are so many fun things to do outside. Here, the front porch to the little guest cottage, where Lee and I stayed..

The view from the porch - Lee was sort of saddened by the terrible drought in Texas, because apparently on a "normal" visit, one can float in a tube all around their property for about 3 hours! Ohhh well, it was still beautiful.

Ann and Ashley Dunaway - too cute for words, really.
Cute little kitchen in the guest cottage...I told Susan it reminded me of Kate Winslet's house in the movie "The Holiday"..

On Saturday afternoon, Lee, Scott and I took a little journey over to Fredericksburg, Texas to see what we could find for their new Poolhouse/Cabana. I am thrilled to say we did find a few things at the Homestead.
We purchased this chandelier for the Cabana living room...

and this cool vintage tobacco drying basket as well!
Here, Lee hanging out with Ashley. :)

That's all for now - I'm off to plan my trip to Boston, leaving Wednesday...

signing off - 100+ degrees in Austin again today!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Big Reveal!!

I am back from the "big reveal" in San Diego! I have to say, while it was one of the most tiring weeks of my life (well the whole summer, really), the expressions on the client's faces made it all so very WELL worth it. Here, the reaction for the first time in their new house since June. The following photos are the product of looooooooooooong hours, and NOT much sleep. At any point had I reversed the camera to sneak a picture of myself, all readers would be horrified! The house was almost completely empty when I arrived on Thursday, July 30th. I will send before and afters later this week for fun. First, the Living Room...

Living Room, other side. Please note that we still need a few more pieces for the house throughout - as my friend and client mentioned, "this is still a work in progress!" Also one should note that we only began placing orders for this project on May 1st - most everything here is either a quick-ship upholstery item or an antique from 1st Dibs, and my shopping trips to Dallas, New Orleans, and Alabama. I must say that I was very very pleased that almost every single thing made it to Diego Delivery by my deadline. I guess that is where steady harassment gets you. :)

Fortuny tapestry and 18th century Italian gilded angel in the Dining Room.

Family Room... still working on this one!

Master Bedroom. Screen is from Crown and Colony Antiques in Fairhope, AL. The chair to the right is being re-upholstered in the same celedon linen as the settee as we speak.

Bedding is by Leontine Linens in New Orleans. Pillows are fortuny, color:Peacock! Endcaps are Calvin fabrics. Lamps by Visual comfort.

Library: Still a work in progress, and these photos are just not that great!

This is the upstairs guest/media Room. I have no photos of this room (the bed, etc).

My favorite time of day at this house was the late evenings, when the sun set over the back lawn and pool.I designed this daybed/swing for reading, napping, relaxing. The rope came from a local shipyard in San Diego and I thought the guys helping would kill me during the installation of this heavy sucker! Bravo guys, they figured it out!

The four kiddos loved their new swing. :) This crew was the drive behind much of the design - the fabrics, especially in the kitchen and family room needed to be VERY kid friendly and practical. I think we achieved the goal, so far, at least!

Almost every night around dusk, the neighbors would fly hot-air balloons. REALLY???!! I want to lay on the swing. View from the backyard....

Hot air balloon in the distance here...