Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mid-makeover photos

San Diego: Powder Room BEFORE: "MID" - After:

And Before again:

I hope you agree with me that this is looking MUCH improved! We painted the baseboards, added crown, and new paper by Philip Jeffries. I return to San Diego next Thursday for the "big reveal", as my cute client has referenced the installation. I can't wait and I hope I'll have good photos to share soon!
Signing off: 100 degrees in Austin today.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

MJ and LA

When things are busy with work, the blog gets no love. However, I am back! I was actually in Los Angeles the very day that Michael Jackson passed away. In fact, I think he was pronounced dead as I was on the plane ride back. My trip out to California was great. The weather was 75 and sunny the entire week - a nice reprieve from the 105+ heat in Austin. My sister-in-law, Heather was a perfect host and I loved spending time with her over dinners. On Wednesday, I hit up La Cienega for antiques and new friends...
Loved Lucca - in fact, I purchased a lamp there for San Diego. Here I am snapping photos. Yes, that is a pashmina - in July! Yay!

I enjoyed Lee Stanton Antiques as well - he has a beautiful garden in the back of his shop.

After lunch (I lunched at Catherine Malandrino's cute cute cafe outdoors) I took a break and shimmied over to Robertson so I could scope out the t-shirts at Kitson. I parked the car, walked that way and was suddenly surrounded by the Paparazzi! I admit I was expecting someone fabulous like Jennifer Anniston, Posh Spice or Gwyneth, and was sort of bummed to learn it was Ciara. In fact, I had to ask a young teen standing near me in the shoe section who it was! A few pics of the paps.....

I never ran into Kelly Wearstler but I did happen to park right in front of her office on La Cienega!
Thursday was more antiquing and a visit to the Pacific Design Center for fabrics.

When I returned to Austin, I worked for a week, and we then had some friends in from Dallas. We MIGHT have gotten into some shenanigans! Amanda, Katy, and Dougie were here for the weekend to ring in America's birthday. We spent most of the time on the lake, which was perfect considering there is really no other way to enjoy an Austin summer unless you are moving!

We somehow ended up on a bright yellow ski boat with this guy - Jorge Moreno - who was in town for the weekend from Miami. Jorge was nice to share wake-boarding advice with the hubs and was also quite nice to provide such pleasant eye-candy for us girls. (unfortch for the Dallas gals, he's married).
We concluded the night at a party on the lake - where we had a great view of the fireworks. (I did not take this photo, but thought it was better than mine).

Signing off: temp today: 104.