Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lulu DK for Matouk BABY

This is old news for most, but Lulu DK has an adorable line of crib bedding for Matouk. I saw it in person for the first time when I visited the Matouk outlet in Massachussets a few weeks ago, and it is super duper cute! Here, the designer with her 2 twin boys. (perhaps they inspired her??) You may view the entire collection here..

My friend Abby, who is having a baby girl on Super Bowl Sunday, just purchased the "Tiger Lily" pattern for her nursery. This was totally perfect for her, because their Master (which is adjacent to new nursery) is also done in Lulu DK for Matouk. On Sunday we zipped over to Calico Corners in search of a fabric for a chair she needs to reupholster. LOOK WHAT WE FOUND!!!
And, ironically, it is the exact same pattern as Lulu's "Madison"....

Monday, September 28, 2009

Dunaway Cabana

Good morning! I am back to the land of the living. Just a heads up: September Issue a MUST SEE! Abby and I went to the matinee yesterday and I have the following comments: 1: Anna Wintour is really, NOT that bad. (at least in documentary she's not, maybe she hides it?) In fact, I have actually worked for 2 people much more evil and nauseating in my 8 year career. (noone at SB, by the way).

2: Andre Leon Talley is HYSTERICAL. I wish I was friends with him.

3: Grace Coddington is also quite amusing.

4: Beautiful, beautiful clothes, and couture. Go see it.

In my world of interiors today, I am off to work in a bit! The project I have been working on in Austin since January has finally come to a state of completion. My friends, Susan and Scott Dunaway purchased the lot next-door to theirs and built a pool "cabana". The cabana includes a new pool with hot-tub, a large vaulted living room with a kitchen and bathroom, a 2-car garage (big enough to house "Mama's Wagon" as Scott calls the triplet-mobile), and a large guest bedroom with bathroom. Tonight, they are hosting a party for Congressman Mike McCaul for 100 people! I realized that I have yet to post any photos of the work in progress, so below is a start. I will post interior photos soon...

Kitchen details...

Living Room fabrics..

Bedroom fabrics...

Sketch for guest bedroom canopy..

Gotta run - will be 94 in Austin today.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My desk...

At least I wish it was. How cute? I have been sick for FOUR days. No posting for the weary this week.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hook'em - what to wear

I swear, who would have ever thought I would be thinking about, much less WRITING about what to wear to a UT football game. The things you do for love, I guess. The fact is - fan or not, you better be wearing burnt orange and/or white to a Texas football game or you might be the recipient of a few dirty looks. Just do it, ok? That's what I say. Being an Alabama alum where my alma mater's colors are CRIMSON and white, I had to work on this portion of my wardrobe. Not to mention, these colors don't look that great on everyone. Sooo, I did a little research - some of this is quite cute! Susana Monaco Dress
Scarf from Shop Bop.

Scarf from Old Navy - $8. I'm all about the scarves = non-committal to this color.

Necklace by Kenneth Jay Lane. $65

Tres chic tunic by Natori...
Sleeveless blouse by Joie - $123-
DKNY Infinity Scarf - $75-


Now we're ready.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Photos of Installation!!

More beautiful photos from Jessica Davis. As mentioned before, this home is still a work in progress where we are now on to the "layering" process. I am still loving this house and enjoying every minute of the research. If only I were as talented as Jessica - I think my blog would be a bit more interesting if I could step up my photography skills!

Good night!