Monday, June 22, 2009

California trip Cuatro

Off again in the early morning and am verrrrry excited about this trip. I'll begin the day in San Diego where I have a series of meetings with the contractor, the drapery workroom, and will be there to accept a few deliveries. I haven't seen the house since they completed the paint job, so I am naturally very eager to check it out for myself. Tuesday evening, I will be off to LA. My wonderful sister-in-law Heather will be my hostess for the few days while I'm there. I was literally SQUEALING when I commenced my LA/ Hollywood shopping research last night. I plan to hit up MANY places in only 2 days - Here's only a few I plan to check out:
Lee Stanton...

Woodson and Rummerfield's...
Hollyhock - Suzanne Rheinstein's shop - v. pumped to check out.

And of course if I have the time (which is looking doubtful) I would love to go to the Getty, as I have never been!

On my latest trip to New York, Ginny and I spotted this cute fashion/design-maven couple walking the streets in the West Village. ... (Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler).

Maybe I'll get lucky and run into my LA fave, Kelly Wearstler!
Keep you posted! Off to pack -

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Austin in Anthro

I received the new Anthropologie last week and was surprised to see that their latest catalog was shot in Austin! Just a few scanned pages to show off the eclectic city we now call home...
My go-to store Uncommon Objects is seen in the background of this pic on South Congress.
Lee and I really enjoy catching a flick at the Alamo Drafthouse - it's a seedy theater that offers beer, wine and tasty snacks while you enjoy the film. Lee loves it.

Come and see for yourself!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Little Crazy

In case you're unaware, I am going a little bit CRAZY right now. Sometimes at night I pray that I will wake up with an extra set of arms so I can accomplish more the next day. Have I told you that I began the San Diego project at the end of April, and will do the installation July 31st??!! The house is 8,000 square feet! That is ONE project (of 3 I am working on), and by the way, I am just one person. Point being: this does not get done by being lazy or procrastinating! (Other designers reading this will absolutely relate). Lucky for me, I tend to have that work-aholic in me, so working a 14-hour day(S!!) isn't that abnormal. Thanks to friends with humor, a few things help get me through the crazy days - I thought I might share a bit of e-banter I received yesterday for my reader's enjoyment. For the record, my best friends from DC are particularly all very smart and funny, and therefore we exchange e-banter on a regular basis that typically has me doubled over in laughter.

First: just this flyer sent by Layton (DC friend who lives in Nashville) to myself and Ginger Ann. (DC friend who just moved to New York). No commentation, just this:

Then, the response from Ginge: You may not believe but I have nails now! You may not have known that I didn't before. Quit the biting when I got here. Just got 2nd mani in the city. No Bees Please is the bomb color. Check it out.

Layton: Ginge… don’t think I didn’t notice your nails – or lack there of… before. I’ll check the color… wish I got a mani today.

Ginge: a neutral. But the best one I've seen. OPI

Layton: Better than coney island cotton candy? That used to be my go-to!

Ginge: No shimmer if that's what you're in the market for.

Layton: Well, my market is typically metallic… you know I like to draw as much attention as possible to the smallest hands on an adult… well, second the “Mayor Claw”

At which point, Ginge felt the urge to send a visual.

Finally, my response: "Ya'll are killing me."

Meanwhile, I drew a sketch and sent to my client / friend Scott for his grill area in the outdoor pool cabana.....

His classic response:

Dern, Mere! That’s a good looking grill area. I might call it a GIRLLL area, but nonetheless, it will do burgers.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Clients!

I Challenge anyone to find a cuter picture than that of my 3 new little clients. :

Back In the Big Easy...

At least, I was last week. Lee and I went back to New Orleans where we spent two days and had a great time, per usual. This trip, we enjoyed a delicious dinner at Luke, followed by a drink at
La Phare. We did a jaunt down Bourbon at which point I decided I could go the rest of my life without walking down that street again. Friday morning we cruised down St. Charles and enjoyed a (fast!) breakfast at Camellia Grill. It cracked me up. I then dropped the bookworm off at some random coffee bar so he could study for the CFA exam (poor guy), while I did some serious shopping on Magazine...
I visited SO many lovely stores and made a few new cute friends! Ann Koerner had beautiful things....
As did Karla Katz, Anne Pratt, and Gerrie Bremmerman. GB is a designer who does lovely work, often featured in Southern Accents...

You may recognize these photos?

I also enjoyed Mac Maison........

When in Gerrie Bremmerman, I admired a few of the contemporary paintings by George Marks, Meredith Pardue, and Amanda Talley. They told me to stop in Amanda's studio right down Magazine and so I did! She was so adorable! I think we'd be friends if I resided in NOLA. Here she is in her cute little studio....

Her work is impressive - she's been featured in several magazines (Southern Accents below)..

My husband has (not so) indiscreetly let it be known that he would love to move to New
Orleans. I have to say, I think I might not mind it too much.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Huntley & Company equals HANDSOME!

I was totally dazzled last week when my designer-friend Tricia emailed the link to her new website. We worked together for 3 or 4 years at Solis Betancourt in Washington until she left to start to start her own business. The following images are a testament to her talent and success! Way to go Tricia! It's polished, voguish even!, and if they are smart Elle Decor will be blowing up her phone.

The photo below is of Tricia's super attractive office in Adams Morgan. I invited myself over to stop by the week before I left DC to check out her new digs. I walked away feeling so very proud of her, and naturally: JEALOUS! I've always admired Tricia's work ethic and great taste- MAYBE SOMEDAY soon I can have my own office that will be equally as chic. :) (Read: an office that doesn't triple as a guest room slash business school library).

To view Tricia Huntley's entire portfolio click here.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Blown Away in Florida - and I don't mean a hurricane!

Lee and I spent the end of our southern trip in Seaside/Grayton, Florida. It was PERFECT, and I SO did not want to leave on Sunday! A few days before we left, I met a designer in Fairhope who told me, "You HAVE to go to Alys Beach - you'll just die." (say with slow south'an drawl). Boy was she ever right! On Friday after laying on the beach all day, Lee and I drove over to Alys and I must say that we were both so very impressed that we even went into the "Sales Center", met the 2 cute ladies that work there, and watched the 2 minute promotional video in the media room. Ha! I loved it all - the tiny courtyards, the chic pools - this development was inspired by homes in Bermuda and Guatemala - all white masonry.

The amazing pool - I spotted furniture from Janus et Cie..

The entrance to the pool and restaurant....

Hi To Lee - he looks so small against the large entrance!

Rosemary Beach...
Saturday night we attended a wedding at Seaside's beautiful chapel. I thought that Lee and I were the last two people in the church until another cute couple slipped in the back beside us. I looked over and immediately recognized them. It was Erika Powell and her husband, Chance. I knew of Erika's blog through my friend Jennie-Marie (they went to Auburn together), and I read it weekly! I felt like I was meeting a local celebrity, and I'm sure I scared her when I said, "Oh! Hi Erika!!" (she had no idea.) I had so much fun chatting with her and asking many questions about how she runs her business later at the reception. She is currently doing an 8,000 square foot house in the Amazing Alys Beach - OF COURSE she is!!
Here is my husband with his 3 crazy Aub friends at the reception.
Wedding reception at the Watersound Beach Club - twas beautiful!

I apologize - something is up with my camera...blurry pics.

In other news, we have not had air conditioning ALL day. I live in Austin, Texas where the temp was 90+ today. I am so hot I don't even know what to do with myself. I've had two popsicles and nothing is helping. My husband has YET another exam to take on Saturday (the CFA) and left me for the air conditioned library to maximize concentration. If you don't hear from me again it's because I suffocated and I do hope someone will check on me. :)