Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mi Casa...

es makin' me LOCO.
My recent move to Dallas led to the purchase of a new home yielding a new client: MYSELF. Might I mention that I am a self-proclaimed horrible client! Most designers would have already fired me by now - major undecisiveness is not a good client trait, but I am guilty as charged. The reality is that I need four homes: One that is very fashion-forward, Kelly Wearstler-ish, one that is soft and muted, Cote Jardin-ish, I need an Alys-Beach-esque Mediterranean that is all white, and of course a rustic, brown lakehouse a la Bobby McAlpine. So what's a girl to do when she only has ONE home? This appears to be the problem. I can do schemes for friends and clients all day long, but my house: not so easy. I thought you might enjoy some images for my McBrearty Library of you see, they're all over the place...:)

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